Oneka Elements Unscented Bath & Body Products

A Natural Passion

Oneka Elements Unscented Bath & Body Products are the result of our passion. Our passion for caring for the land and our bodies in a conscious, sustainable, and all-natural way stemmed from our own experiences and need of earth-friendly and body-friendly products. In touch with nature, and in touch with the needs of consumers, we’ve developed a complete line of fragrance free bath and body products. From skin and chemical sensitivities to allergies; consumers will be pleased to find our natural products work better than ever.

Body wash
14.99 $

14.99 $

14.99 $

Body lotion
14.99 $

Soap Bar
7.00 $

Skin care
29.99 $

All-Natural Bath and Body Products that Actually Work

Gone are the days of “all-natural” equating with products that do little in the way of performance. Our products have undergone rigorous cruelty-free testing and development (never on animals) and are made with certified organic ingredients. We take the time to make sure each one of our Unscented bath and body products meets the needs of its intended users and measures up to par in performance.

Unscented Bath and Body Products for All Ages

Oneka Unscented bath and body products are well suited to people of all ages. Perfect for the sensitive skin of adults, children, and even babies; our unscented body lotion and face moisturizer, unscented body wash, unscented shampoos and conditioners all provide a truly all-natural alternative to the mainstream products found in stores today.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Oneka Elements Unscented products are made locally in Canada with 100% biodegradable vegan ingredients, plant-based surfactants, and certified organic ingredients. From our farm to your home, each product is formulated to be all-natural, fragrance free, gentle on skin yet effective.

Free of Harmful Ingredients

And of course, you will never find parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, or any other harmful substitutes in any of Oneka’s products. Our mission is to provide our consumers with natural hair care products that are made only with premium natural and naturally-based ingredients.