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The story behind our hand sanitizer

  • 1 min read

 We launched our hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic, but the urgency of the crisis was only the trigger for materializing it, as the idea of this product had been germinating in our minds for several years already, with the birth of our eldest, Rafaëlle.

Our wish, with this product, is that you live a soothing experience with every use. Thus, with its aromas of lemon and sage, our hand sanitizer provides a feeling of lightness and openness in a time marked by fear. And we put nothing but good in it: plants from our farm, essential oils and organic alcohol.

Today, in a video, we share with you the process behind the design of this product. 

We invite you to discover the story of our hand sanitizer.

- Stacey and Philippe, founders of Oneka