Until June 16th, order 115$ or more and get 10% off your next order!

Until June 16th, order 115$ or more and get 10% off your next order!


ONEKA X KURE Dispensers

Style: Shampoo
Language: English

Reduce your environmental impact and bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom shower with these ONEKA X KURE dispensers. Choose one dispenser, two, or all three. Easy to use and fill, they are the perfect accessory for any bathroom. Our 1L, 4L, and 10L formats are suitable for filling and can meet the needs of your household!

Choose shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel dispenser in the main language of your choice, French or English.


Height: 11.125"; Tube alone: 9.45"

Diameter: 2.5" Depth from wall: 3.125"

Volume: 12 ounces; Volume Dispensed: 2 ccs

Tube: Powder-coated matte white aluminum

Lever: Chrome-Plated Aluminum

Bracket and Hinged Lid: Stainless Steel. Includes tamper-proof lock.

Windows: Located on either side of the cylinder to signal when to refill

Configuration: Stand-alone single units for flexible configuration.

Installation:The bracket can be screwed into the wall (recommended) or attached with double-sided tape and adhesive caulk. Click Here for Installation Instructions

Unit Includes: Keys, 3M double-sided tape

Cleaning and care: 

  • Wipe down dispensers after use using non-abrasive cleansers that do not contain harsh chemicals. Make sure to dry the lever when cleaning. Remove all products from the lid and top of the dispenser. If discoloration occurs, simply wipe with a cloth or soft brush and a non-abrasive cleanser.

  • Deep clean dispensersby taking them off the bracket, filling them with warm water, and pumping until all water has been emptied out of the dispenser. Do not put in dishwasher.

  • Note that microbeads and exfoliants can cause the pump to clog (and they’re bad for the environment!)