Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!

Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!


Our People

The Oneka line is powered by incredible plants and botanical ingredients of the highest quality. It couldn't come alive without the extraordinary human power that imagines, creates, harvests, assembles, tests, listens, packs & ships, educates, promotes this unparalleled natural product offer.

The Oneka team is an ecosystem of passionate, talented, hard-working humans, inspired by the vision and dedication of co-founders Philippe and Stacey, who come together to have a positive impact in the world though the work they do everyday.

Oneka is family born and family owned. It may sound cliché, but the truth is the Oneka team is like a little family, of employees and collaborators choose. It is a collective in which the core values of sustainability, curiosity, connection to the land, are shared and cherished.

Oneka's roots are firmly planted in its land and its local community. We believe in the extraordinary power of coming together as a village, a family, colleagues to support each other, learn, build, co-create and make a difference, together. As a B Corp certified company, Oneka is held to standards and is assessed on its contributions to its employees' financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction. For Philippe and Stacey, it is extremely important to provide as enjoyable and balanced working environment and to support each employee towards growth as a team member and as a person. That is why you will find the Oneka team engaging in gratitude practice exercises, personal growth workshops, monthly team activities and lunch at the farm. Work-life and work-family balance is no gimmick or buzz word for this crew. It is a state of mind which fuels our motivation, resilience, and results.We are grateful for the counsel, collaboration, hard work and loyalty of our mentors, our elders, our business partners, employees, collaborators, suppliers, our village of Frelighsburg; all the people we share our journey with, who support us, who challenge us, and with whom we strive to make a difference to leave a positive impact into the world.