Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!

Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!


Our Story

Oneka's line of natural personal care products was created out of a deep love and respect for our natural habitat and fellow living beings.This posture is infused in everything we do: from growing the plants used in our products on our organic farm, to partnering with experts and businesses to implement our vision of change and taking care of our community. Specifically, in the process of creating and selling high quality personal care products, Oneka seeks to act as guardians of our water sources and the many organisms that help clean and purify water along its way; and contribute to the preservation of natural ecosystems.

A Love Story

Oneka was also born out of a love story between Stacey and Philippe, two passionate, inquisitive, wholesome, and complementary individuals. With independence, humility, and compassion, from Oneka's home in Frelighsburg, Quebec, they invite us to reclaim and nurture the connection to our own essence.

A few highlights since the humble beginnings:
2007: Oneka is born
2013: Philippe and Stacey buy what will become the Oneka farm
2014: The Oneka farm is certified organic by Ecocert
May 2019: Oneka receives the B Corp certification
April 2020: Oneka's hand sanitizer is launched
November 2021: Oneka's Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is launched
October 2021: Oneka's lab at the farm opens

Simply but surely, there must be a more natural way

Before starting Oneka, Stacey had been suffering from ecxema for over 20 years and Philippe had been allergic to synthetic fragrances since being a baby. For these two life-enthousiasts, Oneka is a way to make people feel better in their own skin, literally, by offering them an alternative to conventional personal care products, and to materialize their desire to see positive change in the world.

Sustainability, our journey

Operating a company in a responsible and sustainable way is something we take very seriously.The truth is, we want to leave our place on earth in better shape than when we found it. We strive to do so, by taking responsibility for the impact of our business on society and the environment; and by turning our impact into a positive one. We are on a quest to become a truly sustainable, regenerative business.Although we celebrate some milestones on this journey, we are aware this is a long term, continuous and demanding process. It is a road paved with opportunities for learning and gaining wisdom.

Our land, our foundation

Our organic farm operates on the fundamental principals of permaculture, taking an all-natural approach, with sensitivity to the land's needs. The foundation of permaculture is to create systems and methods that are permanently beneficial to the environment and society.Our farm strives to achieve both missions. Socially, we are active and connected with our community and region, while taking part in tackling some global issues. Environmentally, we chose to work and take care of our land and its ecosystems, to regenerate them rather than exploit and deplete them.