Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!

Jusqu'au 16 Juin, commandez 115$ et plus, obtenez 10% de rabais sur votre prochaine commande!


Care, Save, one Refill at a time.


Give your wallet a break

When you refill, you save an average of 20% vs buying 500ml or 1L bottles.

Reduce Waste

Refill after refill, you save dozens of plastic bottles. Less plastic to recycle, less plastic pollution.

Make your life easier

Buying bulk or refilling means less trips to the store

For every 4 Litre jug,
you save 8 bottles.
That's over 60% less plastic!*

For every 10 Litre bag,
you save 20 bottles.
That's over 90% less plastic!*

* Calculated by comparing plastic weight of bulk packaging compared to plastic weight of 500ml bottles.



No Oneka retailer in your neck of the woods (yet)?
Create and order your refilling starting kit from home!


Before going to the refill station

Rinse your containers well.

Dry the bottle completely inside and out.
This step is even more important than the rinsing as bacteria develops in damp environments.

Clean the cap or pump before each refill.

At the refill station

Before filling up, check that the retailer's bulk container pump is clean.

We strongly recommend refilling the same product in the same bottle.
For example, avoid refilling shampoo in a conditioner bottle or vice versa.

Always have clean and dry hands.

Limit the contact between the fill up bottle and the pump.

Don't touch the area where product is coming out of the pump with your fingers.


We encourage you to reuse your ONEKA bottle as many times as possible.

If however, you need to dispose of your container (broken, damaged, no other use found):

For all ONEKA containers (475ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L):
rinse and dry bottle thoroughly, remove label if possible, place in recycling bin.
For 475ml glass bottle, check with your municipality as glass may be collected separately.

Our plastic containers are made from HDPE (#2) which is a highly recyclable material. 
If cleaned properly these bottles have a high value in the recycling stream and have a better chance of being properly recycled.

The best option is always to continue reusing your bottle!

If you want to go further, we invite you to read our blog post on the subject:
The 6Rs: going beyond recycling